"Sorcerer One to all planes. That's the Galm Team. Watch and learn."
― Anthony Palmer about Galm Team.

First Lieutenant Anthony "Bedivere" Palmer (アンソニー"ベディヴィア"パーマー Ansonī· "Bedivu~ia" Pāmā) an ace pilot of the Osean Air Defense Force in command of Sorcerer Flight of the 32nd Tactical Fighter Squadron during the Belkan War in 1995.

A recognized ace of the Allied Forces, he defected on June 6, 1995. He joined the radical terrorist organization known as A World With No Boundaries, being believed that he was one of the founding members of the group.


"When I was in the military, they called me an ace too."
― Anthony Palmer in his interview talking about his period in the military forces during the war

Anthony Palmer joined the Osean Air Force in the 80's, quickly reaching the rank of First Lieutenant due to his great potential as a pilot. When the Belkan War began, his unit were among the first sent to the front lines, participating in several major operations over Area B7R. One of these operations, code-named Operation Battle Axe , saw his unit fighting alongside Ustian mercenaries from the 6th Air Division, including the pilot who would later come to be known as the "Demon Lord of the Round Table."

On June 6, while taking part in Operation Ravage, Palmer and his fellow squadron members disappeared without a trace shortly after the nuclear detonations. It is believed, and later confirmed, that they went AWOL to join A World With No Boundaries with his fellow pilot Joshua Bristow, along with mercenary Larry Foulke and several others that reappeared after the peace accords to fight the Allied Forces. Palmer was last seen in combat during Operation Thunderbolt in the New Year's Eve of 1995, where he intercepted and engaged the mercenary Galm Team over the "Round Table", resulting in him and his companions being shot down by Cipher.

Surviving his encounter with Cipher, he was found by Allied forces in a South Belkan town and was returned to Osea for a court martial.[1] Under Osean Intelligence Agency surveillance for his suspected role in A World With No Boundaries, he became an insurance salesman in his hometown, Oured, and was later interviewed in 2005 by the reporter Brett Thompson for his documentary, Warriors and the Belkan War.


There are two known persons known as Anthony Palmer in real life. One is a living retired British Officer and the other was a Crimean War veteran who is known for being a recipient of the Victoria Cross.

The name "Bedivere" is a reference to Arthurian legend, where Sir Bedivere is a Knight of the Round Table who returns Excalibur to the Lady of the Lake.



  • In the English language version of Ace Combat Zero, Palmer has the same voice actor as Marcus Snow in Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War, though the two characters have no in-game relationship. This resemblance is particularly noticeable when Palmer makes his speech during Galm Team's attack on Avalon Dam when playing the mission in the Knight ace style or during Galm Team's duel on Area B7R when playing the mission in the Mercenary ace style.