The ZSU-23-4 (Zenitnaya Samokhodnaya Ustanovka - Anti-Aircraft Self-Propelled Gun) is a fully integrated, self-propelled antiaircraft system with four liquid-cooled 23mm automatic cannons mounted on the front of a large, flat, armored turret. The chassis has many components borrowed from other Soviet armored vehicles, and the suspension system resembles that of the PT-76 and ASU-85 (six road wheels and no track support rollers). The driver sits in the left front part of the hull, and the rest of the crew (commander, gunner, and radar operator) are located in the turret. The GUN DISH fire control radar mounted on the rear of the turret can be folded down during travel.

Origin(Real life)

  • Soviet Union
  • Russian Federation



  • Ace Combat Series - In Game Data
  • Army - Image B


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