All right, gentlemen, it's time to clean house!
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The Antlion Walking Battle Tank is a four-legged walking tank designed by General Resource Limited. It was designed as a way to reduce casualties in parachute-drop operations, by having light tanks being dropped instead of soldiers.

The largest use of the Antlion was in General Resource's operation to attack Neucom's space research center and disrupt the rocket launch. During this operation, they came under heavy fire from the facility defenses and air support from UPEO. While they were able to deal much damage to the facilities, they were unable to prevent the launch.



  • The Antlion is named after the winged insect of the same name, whose life stages contain characteristics reminiscent of the tank itself - an adult's ability to fly (aerial deployment), and the legs of a larva.
  • Despite it takes several rounds of Vulcan to shoot one down, an AA gun seems able to kill it in a single shot.
  • The Antlion shares its name with a robotic boss character, the Antlion KZ-7, from the 1996 game Time Crisis, also made by Namco. However, the latter is instead depicted as a vaguely humanoid drone with tank treads for locomotion. A walker configuration similar to the Antlion's is adopted by another machine, the Dolomedes DD-6, an armored vehicle outfitted with spider-like legs.
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