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"Let the victor... Be justice."
― Anton Kupchenko, prior to dueling Galm Team over Area B7R

Anton Kupchenko, TAC name Shadow[2] and known to his subordinates by the nickname Doctor, was an ace fighter pilot and military engineer of the Belkan Air Force during the Belkan War.[3] He is thought to be the leader and one of the three founders of A World With No Boundaries.


Early life

Early in his career in the Belkan military, he fought on many battlefields and wars involving his homeland, and at some point, he earned the nickname, "The Gold Woodpecker".

His experience in the engineering field also prompted him to work with the Belkan Army's weapons & technology research department in the 1970s, being the chief engineer of Project Pendragon. In 1988, the Belkan Federal Law Review caused the nation's economy to collapse, thus precipitating the abrupt end of Project Pendragon. However, Kupchenko remained with the Belkan Air Force. [3]

Belkan War

"The table is surrounded by politicians who have never placed a foot on the battlefield. It's a disgusting squabble over who gets the largest piece of the pie, and that's why it needs to end. It is for that duty we raised the King. That's why we're fighting."
― Kupchenko describing his motivation to fight.

In January 1994, as the Belkan Federation planned on expanding its territory, Kupchenko became the leader of Gault Team. During the early days of the Belkan War in March 1995, Kupchenko inexplicably disappeared from the skies alongside the rest of his squadron, leading the military to mark them all as killed or missing in action. It was believed that during this time, Kupchenko founded the paramilitary terrorist organization "A World With No Boundaries, presumably alongside fellow like-minded aces like Anthony Palmer and Joshua Bristow. [3]

In December 31, 1995, Galm Team launched from Valais Air Force Base to destroy Avalon Dam to prevent the launch of the V2 WMD. When Galm Team reached Area B7R, trying to cut through it as a shortcut towards the secret launching facility, on their way to the dam, they were engaged by Gault Team, with Kupchenko taking the lead. A fierce dogfight ensued, but Galm Team managed to prevail, shooting down Gault Team down to the last pilot. Kupchenko himself was slain following the aftermath of the dogfight.[3]


"The gate to the new world has been opened. My soul shall be the wind that enters the gate. When the sleeping king awakes, my body, too, shall surely rise."
― Epitaph on his tombstone.

After the B7R incident, his Su-47 Berkut's wreckage, as well as his remains were eventually found there. His remains were soon transported to Belka, where he was laid to rest at Holtz Public Cemetery. [3]


Kupchenko was as much an ace as he was a skilled military engineer, being the director of Project Pendragon among his other works throughout his military career.

Fanatically patriotic to his homeland and known for his stern, honor-bound personality, a defining personality trait of Kupchenko was his disdain and contempt towards politicians—and to that extent, politics in general, doubting the politicians' authenticity and denying their ability to establish international diplomacy through peace talks alone, implying that such ideals can only be truly proven and verified in physical combat. He had a strong conviction to his moral code akin to that of a fabled knight, honoring the glory of battle and the meaning behind the "Knights of the Round Table.