Apito International Airport is a civilian airport located in the vicinity of Oured Bay. Apito is one of the largest international airports in Strangereal, taking in flights from multiple international airlines, such as Air Ixiom, on a regular basis.


Apito International Airport is located in Osea's Gurnard district at the eastern end of the lake that feeds the Norris River.[2]

The following airlines are known to operate out of Apito International[1]:


Apito International had no prior incidences until April 2003, when Gregory Brown, a former member of the post-Belkan War terrorist organization A World With No Boundaries was arrested due to passport issues.[3]

On November 4, 2010, Apito International detected a small squadron of Yuktobanian fighters on radar approaching the airport. As the Capital District Air Command Squadron scrambled to neutralize a chemical weapons attack in Bana City, Wardog Squadron was dispatched to the airport to engage the Yuktobanian fighters. Apito's control tower cancelled the landing clearances for all incoming airliners until Wardog had dealt with the threat.[1]

After Wardog destroyed all of the incoming enemy fighters, Apito's control tower personnel spotted several unmarked military transport planes parked on the tarmac and asked them to state their squadron numbers and callsigns. Capital District Air Command quickly responded, stating that no military transports had been deployed to civilian airports at that time. Suddenly, Yuktobanian tanks and air defense vehicles emerged from the transports began firing on Apito's flight terminal.[1]

Wardog engaged and destroyed the Yuktobanian forces inside the airport as well as additional enemy fighters in the surrounding city's airspace. However, with the chemical attack occurring in Bana City, it was difficult for the Osean forces to respond quickly; this led to a short occupation by remnant Yuktobanian forces inside the terminal buildings. These remnants were eventually removed, and Apito is assumed to have resumed normal operations sometime thereafter.[1]



  • The airport's namesake comes from the apito, a whistle commonly used in Brazilian music.
  • If the player completes "Chain Reaction" instead of "Reprisal", the debriefing will state that the terrorists who attacked Bana City eluded capture by Osean authorities.