"Listen to your fellow countrymen cheering before me. They are filled with anger against Yuktobania, and they swear that they will not drop their weapons until Yuktobania has surrendered."
― Vice President Appelrouth[1]

Appelrouth (first name unknown) was the Vice President of the Osean Federation during President Vincent Harling's second term.


Appelrouth was seemingly not influential during the start of Harling's presidency. It is unknown if he was the vice president during Harling's first term.

After Harling was kidnapped by the Grey Men on October 22, 2010, Appelrouth, who had no idea as to Harling's whereabouts, quietly took de facto command of the Federation and its military.[2] Ten days later, he ordered a full-scale invasion of Yuktobania, which Harling, a proponent of peace, had been trying to prevent.[3] Appelrouth appointed General Howell as Supreme Commander of the Osean armies deployed to Yuktobania, never acknowledging the president's mysterious absence.[4]

On November 29, 2010, Appelrouth held a "peace" ceremony at November City's stadium; approximately 70,000 people were in attendance. Wardog Squadron performed a ceremonial flight while Appelrouth gave a speech that turned out to be pro-war rather than promoting peace. However, the citizens responded by singing "The Journey Home", a popular song of peace. In the middle of this, Yuktobanian aircraft entered the airspace and attacked the stadium; Appelrouth was quickly ushered through a boiler room on the eastern side of the stadium and left in his personal vehicle.[5]

In early December, Harling was freed from captivity in southern Belka. The president attempted to broadcast his voice to the Osean citizens and tell the truth to the public. However, Appelrouth's regime censored Harling's words, claiming that it was enemy propaganda and not the real commander-in-chief. On December 22, Harling returned to the capital, accompanied by the Sea Goblin team, and reclaimed his office from Appelrouth. It is unknown what happened to the vice president after he was removed from office.[6]


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