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Archelon Fortress is a military complex built by Leasath. A stronghold located on Sentry Island in the Danern Straits at Southern Leasath, Archelon Fortress served as the main Leasath military headquarters, as well as a production facility for the Fenrir, the prototype fighter that started the entire Aurelian War. It is housed on the island with a full view on all sides, preventing it from being invaded. It houses the Shock Cannon on the peak, similar to the Gleipnir's, although with a faster firing time.


Op.15A End of Deception I

The Aurelian military was preparing to assault Archelon Fortress when their Air Force fighters were attacked by the new High-Powered Microwave weapon deployed by Fenrir. Then, the squadron continued with the attack on the fortress and the Fenrirs. As all the Fenrirs were destroyed, the fortress' commander ordered his men to activate the Shock Cannon as a desperate attempt to defeat the advancing Aurelians. The Shock Cannon was soon destroyed by Gryphus One which ended the Aurelian War.

Op.15B End of Deception II

Archelon Fortress was assaulted by the Aurelian military after it was revealed the Leasath super fighter Fenrir was being built there. The elite Alect Squadron intercepted Gryphus One and Aquila Squadron in the Fenrir, but a small Aurelian landing force was able to bypass the fortress' naval defenses and land on the island to open the gate to the electrical power transmitter. Gryphus One proceeded to destroy the transmitter, disabling Fenrir's optical camouflage. Along with the Shock Cannon, seen on the Gleipnir, was installed onto the island, but it was destroyed.

Gryphus One then destroyed all Leasath forces and proceeded to enter the fortress to destroy a fleeing Fenrir. The Aurelian ground forces planted explosives around the facility, causing it to self-destruct. Gryphus One managed to escape the base as it exploded in a massive fireball.



  • Archelon Fortress takes its name from Archelon, the largest known sea turtle species.


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