"It was the grand stage where we pilots performed. We were all on an equal footing, fighting under the same conditions. No affiliations or ranks to hinder us ... The only rule of engagement was to survive."
Larry Foulke[2]

Belkan Priority One Strategic Airspace B7R,[2] often referred to as Area B7R and nicknamed "The Round Table", is a semi-arid desert plateau situated along the present-day border of the Osean Federation and the Republic of Ustio. The industrial city of Sudentor is located slightly north of its geographic center.[3] It is arguably one of the most important and infamous battlegrounds of the Belkan War.


Area B7R derives its nickname—"The Round Table"—from its uniquely circular shape and flat, elevated topography, which is delineated by the mountain range that circumscribes it. The area is known to have been rich in valuable natural resources.[4] Although the area possesses a semi-arid climate, the desert flats surrounding the base of the mountains show residual signs of water runoff, presumably due to torrential rainstorms in the area.[5]

Area B7R Panorama

Panoramic view of Area B7R

The mountains surrounding Area B7R appear to be comprised of silver, soda, and talc deposits. The area also possesses a naturally occurring electromagnetic field that is strong enough to disrupt electronic communications.[1] No official mining operations are on record; however, illegal aircraft wreckage salvaging operations are known to have taken place in the area.[citation needed]


Throughout its history, the Round Table has been the sight of many conflicts over its strategic location and valuable resources.[4] Despite this, Belka retained control of the area; following Belka's 1988 Federal Law Review, Area B7R became situated along Belka's southern border with Osea and the newly independent nation of Ustio. During the Belkan War in 1995, Area B7R served as the site of many decisive aerial engagements between the Allied and Belkan air forces.

Operation Choker One

"This is the Round Table. Dead men's words hold no meaning."
― Larry Foulke to Detlef Fleisher[1]

On April 20, the Allied Forces' Galm Team was dispatched to Area B7R to engage and preoccupy the Belkan air forces stationed in the airspace. The two mercenary pilots shot down the Belkan fighters and gave the Allies an opportunity to initiate its counteroffensive operation, Offensive Campaign No. 4101.[1]

Operation Battle-Axe

On May 28, at a special meeting of the Assembly of Nations, Osea announced that it was permanently withdrawing from the assembly's non-aggression treaty and launched a large-scale aerial attack on Area B7R. A massive dogfight soon erupted over Area B7R as the Allies attempted to "topple" the Round Table; the Allies, supported once more by Galm, inflicted considerable damage and casualties to the Belkan defense forces, effectively ending Belka's long-standing air superiority in the region.[6]

Operation Thunderbolt

On December 31, as part of the Allies' campaign against the terrorist organization A World With No Boundaries, Galm Team passed through Area B7R, which was the quickest route to Avalon Dam in which V2 was being stored. During its approach, Galm was engaged by several ace squadrons, which had allied themselves with the terrorists. Galm's success in the final known battle over Area B7R resulted in the ultimate defeat of the coup d'état forces in Belka.[5]




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