For the mountain range within Belka, see Area B7R, Belka.
"We test out new aircraft in this area. It's a special location where countless pilots have polished their skills with each other, independent of their ranks."

Area B7R is a mountainous region in the Nevada wastelands. It is surrounded by the Round Mountain and the Table Mountain, giving Area B7R its nickname "Round Table".


Area B7R was historically used by the United Nations Forces (and presumably the United States Air Force) to test new aircraft designs. It was also used to train pilots by having them battle each other outside of official ranks.[1]

Area B7R became a battleground during the USEAn War. On May 21, 2020, USEA Federation aerial squadrons entered the airspace above B7R to drag the United States officially into the war. The United Nations Forces's Task Force 118 repelled the USEA fighters, which included the elite Ater Team and the Butterfly Master.[1] Since this engagement, USEA has continued to send fighters into B7R to capture the airspace, but UNF pilots repeatedly force them out.[2]



  • Area B7R is located approximately 222 km (138 miles) northwest of Area 51, a classified United States Air Force facility that has been used to test many black project aircraft designs, including the U-2 and the F-117A Nighthawk.
  • In unused audio lines from Ace Combat Infinity, Goodfellow states the "ADFX-01 never made it past the testing stage". This line is located between other lines from the Area B7R mission, indicating the ADFX-01 was likely tested at Area B7R.


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