For the HARD version of this mission, see Area B7R Dogfight Battle (HARD).

Area B7R Dogfight Battle is an Online Co-Op Mission in Ace Combat Infinity. It takes place over Area B7R, Nevada.


We have confirmed enemy air forces heading toward America. The engagement point will be Area B7R, an American military special training site located in Nevada. The enemy have committed a large-scale force, in the hope of securing air superiority in North America. Failure to neutralize this threat as swiftly as possible will lead to a potentially untenable situation. Sortie immediately and intercept the enemy.


S Rank

Players from Alpha and Bravo teams start both in the northwest and southeast corners of the map. Yellow, orange and sometimes red targets enemies will spawn in front of the teams as they fly in. Two MiG-31B Foxhounds TGTs on both sides spawn separately from the main group of fighters will also fly in to attempt in flanking the player teams. When they destroy the main groups, more yellow, orange and red targets will spawn in the center of the map.


E or D Rank

Although the enemy forces have been temporarily driven off, you failed to strike the decisive blow. Command is already formulating a plan to respond to the inevitable follow-up attack.

C or B Rank

The enemy has lost more than half of their aerial forces. We can consider the intercept operation in Area B7R to be a success.

A Rank

Your activities in Area B7R were the keys to our victory. Enemy operations in North America are currently losing momentum.

S Rank

The lightning speed of your intercept operation has delivered a crushing and decisive blow to the enemy aerial fleet. There can be no doubting now who is the ruler of the Round Table.


  • During the Mission Update, Scylla, Titan, and Sniper will receive fire support from Stonehenge.
    • It is never made clear which Stonehenge unit is firing on the players. If the maximum firing range of Type-3 in Turkey - 1,200 kilometers - applies to all of the units worldwide, the only possibility for the one firing in Nevada is Type-1 in the United States. However, that would require control of the Type-1 unit by USEA or sympathizers with the federation, which is not mentioned to have happened.
    • Another possibility, given that the shells seem to originate from the south of the map, is that the unit firing in Nevada is Type-5 in Argentina. Various hints in the campaign missions, especially Area B7R, point towards some South American politicians sympathizing with the USEA Federation. However, for Type-5 to fire on Nevada, it would require a maximum firing range of at least 10,000 kilometers.
  • After completing the mission update, either a squadron of 8 Su-47 Berkuts or F-15 S/MTDs will appear. This is a possible reference to "The Demon of the Round Table" ace squadrons in Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War, specifically the Gault Team and Sorcerer Squadron respectively. Additionally, YF-23 Black Widow IIs have a chance to spawn in groups of two near Il-76 Candid jammers, referencing Wizard Squadron.


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