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"Don't get overconfident That train's got some wicked firepower."
― Marcus Lampert
AC6 Armored Train

Armored trains of the Estovakian Army

Armored trains are trains outfitted with weaponry for use in defensive roles.

Armored trains have made sporadic appearances in the Ace Combat series, starting with Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation.



During the Anean Continental War, the Estovakian Army deployed several armored trains during the Battle of Bartolomeo Fortress.

The armored trains were set against Warlock Separate Battalion, taking positions on two large bridges to halt their advance. Their firepower prompted the ground units to request backup. However, they were subsequently destroyed by the Emmerian Air Force.[1]

Infinity universe

Armored trains were utilised in limited numbers by the USEA Federation during the UNF's Operation Eternal Liberation.[2]



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