The Arvakr V-55 is a special experimental VTOL aircraft in Ace Combat: Northern Wings. The aircraft is unlocked only for the final mission.

In shape, it appears to have features of both the F-35B Lightning II and YF-23A Black Widow II. Its evasive maneuver is the Kulbit.


In the final mission, Grendel 1 must utilize the aircraft's hovering ability for his advantage. He must scan the Giant Antlion while occasionally hiding behind the terrain to take cover from the TLS. At the final battle against the walking superweapon, Grendel 1 uses the aircraft to take cover behind the only terrain and fly out to attack the exposed parts with his aircraft's guns.


The aircraft has perfect stats like the fully-upgraded V-50, and thus cannot be upgraded.

  • Mobility: 100
  • Defense: 100
  • Air to Air: 100
  • Air to Ground: 100