This article is about an in-universe event. For the in-game mission, see Dragon Lair.
"Fire! Shoot them down! Valahia's spirit will not be so easily broken!"
― Valahia Commander

The Assault on the Balaur was an operation in which Antares One attacked and ultimately destroyed the Balaur.[1]


With the destruction of the radar stations in the Serbian Mountains, the Balaur's range was severely decreased. Antares One was sent to destroy the Balaur and end its threat to Europe once and for all.[1]


After Antares One arrived on the battlefield, he began destroying enemy forces on his approach to the Balaur. When he neared the Balaur, he faced interference from three jamming emitters. After their destruction, Antares One destroyed the defenses around the Balaur and then the Balaur itself. [1]


With the destruction of the Balaur, the Valahia's danger to Europe was severely weakened. [1]


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