Aubrey Air Base is an Aurelian military base located at Cape Aubrey, a peninsula located in northwestern Aurelia. The base is mainly assigned with maritime defense roles[1] and is the home of the Gryphus Squadron.


Following a massive string of losses within the first ten days of the Aurelian War, Aubrey Air Base became the last remaining Aurelian military base.[2]

Shortly after, a Leasathian B-52 unit was deployed, escorted by a number of aircraft, to level the base. Gryphus Squadron was quickly deployed to eliminate the oncoming threat and successfully shot down the bombers. However, the Gleipnir, Leasath's airborne fortress, suddenly launched an SWBM and nearly decimated Gryphus Squadron.[2]

Following the Pyrrhic victory, Aubrey became the staging point for further operations until Puna Base was recaptured.[3]

With the war's end, Gryphus Squadron returned to Aubrey Air Base.[4]


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