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Aurelia, full name Federal Republic of Aurelia, is a republic in South Osea. It is neighbored by Leasath to the north, and by the southern Osean Federation further north.


Ancient history

The territory comprising the modern Aurelia had been populated by ancient people (or settlers) from the Middle Ages, who at some point founded the capital of Griswall, which grew to the point of being listed by cartographers in early modern world maps.[1] The Kalana Steppes in central Aurelia were also inhabited by an unknown group, who built fortifications across the region that remained standing until modern times.[2]

Modern era

At some point in history, Aurelia became a federal republic. By the early 20th century and the aftermath of the impact of Ulysses 1994XF04, the country had experienced great industrial and technological growth, beginning research on meson energy and particle accelerator systems after the Circum-Pacific War. It served as Leasath's foremost humanitarian benefactor during its bloody civil war, but was portrayed by Diego Navarro as having "exploited" their country as he covertly directed said resources towards arms sales.[2]

In October 2020, Aurelia was invaded by the Leasathian army as part of Navarro's plan to bolster indigenous arms sales, losing nearly 95% percent of its territory due to the attacks of the Gleipnir airborne fortress. The Aurelian Air Force survived the loss of most air bases within the country and directed a counterattack campaign against Navarro's forces, retaking Griswall nearly two months after the invasion and forcing Navarro and his personal aides to escape to Leasath.[2][3]

With the loss of the Gleipnir and the subsequent development of the Fenrir fighter, Navarro planned to deploy a group of prototypes in live combat against Aurelia at Archelon Fortress in eastern Leasath, using the situation as a "demonstration" of its performance to mass-produce it and sell it to other countries. Ace pilot Gryphus One destroyed a team of prototypes over Archelon and destroyed the base itself, causing him to flee Leasath after his plan was dismantled.[2]



Aurelia is the southernmost country in the Osean continent, occupying a peninsular territory connected by Leasath and northern lands to mainland Osea. The country is a federal republic divided in three major states: North Puna, which contains northwestern Aurelia; Lenal County, which spans a majority of the eastern, central and northern territory and two unnamed states, one covering the lands southeast of North Puna and a second one further south spanning the southern tip of the country.[2] Aurelia is bordered by the Pacific Ocean to the west, and the Aurelian Sea to the east.[4]

The western, northeastern and southern coasts are mountainous, while the rest of the country is mostly made up of plains. Aurelia has a temperate climate on the isthmus, gradually becoming semiarid in the center of the nation and subarctic in the southwest, extending to arctic in the austral areas south of the mainland. Much of the nation has an alpine climate due to high elevation. It is one of the countries closest to Antarctica and the Antarctic Circle, where it controls several oil fields on the island chain of Terminus Island, an area of major importance for the Aurelian economy.[2]


The Aurelian armed forces are composed by an air force, a navy and a ground branch.



  • In various Indo-European languages, "Aurelia" is a female given name derived from the male form Aurelius, itself descended from the Latin word aurum, meaning "gold".
  • Aurelia is heavily inspired by several nations from South America and South Korea(In political, diplomatic points) mainly Argentina and Chile. Phonetically, the name also alludes to Australia - another Southern Hemisphere nation.
  • The squadrons of the Aurelian Air Force (e.g. Gryphus, Falco and Ninox) are named after several birds found in the region, including the Gryphus Squadron's namesake, the Andean condor, which is used as a national symbol in both countries.
  • The usage of native words for locations, including the Tuqua River and Atoquna (Stand Canyon) may allude to the languages of native peoples in South America.[4]


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