Aurelia, officially the Federal Republic of Aurelia, is a country located in South Osea. It shares borders with Leasath to the northeast and an unnamed country to the north.

Aurelia is a relatively small, yet wealthy and very developed nation as a result of its land being rich in natural resources.[1] The nation supports a modestly-sized military which utilizes highly-advanced war machines. Its capital, Griswall, features the Gaiuss Tower, which is one of the tallest known structures on Earth. The citizens of Aurelia enjoy living in peace and prosperity.[1]

Aurelia is the player character's homeland in Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception and Ace Combat Xi: Skies of Incursion.


Early history

Throughout early history, Aurelia had been populated by a number of inhabitants who at some point founded Griswall. It eventually grew to the point where ancient cartographers included its location on early world maps.[2]

The Kalana Steppes in central Aurelia was also inhabited by an unknown group, who built fortifications across the region that remained standing even in modern times.[3]

Economic growth (2000s–2019)

By the 2000s, Aurelia saw great economic growth and technological advancements, researching meson energy for its weapons and particle accelerator systems. This culminated in the construction of the Atmos Ring which surrounds downtown Griswall.

In 2019, Aurelia sent large amounts of humanitarian aid to Leasath during the Leasath Civil War. However, Diego Gaspar Navarro instead diverted Aurelian resources to increase arms sales, resulting in the Leasath condition worsening. [4]

Belkan War Commemoration (2020)

On June 30, 2020, Aurelia, alongside other foreign nations, attended a ceremony commemorating 25 years since the end of the Belkan War after being invited by the Osean government. Aurelian officers attended Osea's Memorial Day and the Aurelian Air Force sent five MiG-21bis Fishbeds to be showcased at Redmill Air Force Base alongside the aircraft of other participating nations.[5]

Aurelian War (2020)

In late 2020, Navarro claimed that Aurelia was responsible for "years of exploitation" of Leasath, instigating the Aurelian War. With Aurelia's border defenses undermanned, the Leasath Armed Forces took advantage of the situation, advancing into Aurelian territory and capturing many Aurelian border cities.[1]

With approximately 60% of Aurelian territory now under Leasathian control, Leasathian forces continued their advance. However, Aurelia secured minor victories at Base Sallqa,[6] Challwa,[7] and Area Z2K,[8] thanks to the efforts of Falco Squadron. Following these victories, Falco One managed to shoot down the Gandr and Chimera Squadron after the experimental airborne fortress sunk the Aurelian fleet meant to defend Griswall.[9]

Despite the destruction of the Gandr, Leasath managed to destroy Base Sallqa, capture Griswall, and secure 95% of Aurelian territory, rendering Falco Squadron's victories fruitless.[9]

By October 2020, small numbers of the Aurelian Air Force managed to survive the loss of many air bases within the country and directed a counterattack campaign against Navarro's forces. They eventually recaptured Griswall nearly two months after the invasion, forcing Navarro and his personal aides to escape to Leasath.[3]

With the loss of the Gleipnir and the subsequent development of the Fenrir fighter, Navarro planned to deploy a group of prototypes in live combat against Aurelia at Archelon Fortress in eastern Leasath, using the situation as a "demonstration" of its performance to mass produce it and sell it to other countries. Gryphus One later destroyed a team of prototypes over Archelon and destroyed the base itself, causing Navarro to flee Leasath after his plan was dismantled.[3]

Postwar (2020–)

After the war, Fenrir's intact remains were retrieved from the ruins to be inspected by engineers. It was then reproduced for research purposes, omitting the VTOL and optical camouflage systems. This resulted in lighter airframes with more maneuverability.[10][11]


Aurelia is the southernmost country on the continent of South Osea, occupying a peninsular territory. It is surrounded by the Aurelian Sea and Pacific Ocean. The western, northeastern, and southern coasts are mountainous, while the rest of the country is mostly made up of plains.[3]

Aurelia has a temperate climate on the isthmus, gradually becoming semi-arid in the center of the nation and subarctic in the southwest. It extends to the arctic in the austral areas south of the mainland; much of the nation has an alpine climate due to high elevation. It is one of the countries closest to Antarctia, where it controls several oil fields on Terminus Island, an area of major importance for the Aurelian economy.[3][12]



Aurelian supports a technologically advanced military for defensive purposes. It is comprised of the Aurelian Air Force, Aurelian Army, and Aurelian Navy.


Aurelia is an evidently wealthy nation. One reason for its economic prosperity is its many oil fields near Terminus Island.[12] Due to its prosperity, Aurelia is able to invest in advanced structures such as the Atmos Ring and its multiple Meson Cannon defense systems.[13]



  • In various Indo-European languages, "Aurelia" is a female given name derived from the male form Aurelius, itself descended from the Latin word aurum, meaning "gold".
  • The squadrons of the Aurelian Air Force (e.g. Gryphus, Falco and Ninox) are named after several birds found in the region, including the Gryphus Squadron's namesake, the Andean condor, which is used as a national symbol in both countries.