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Aurelia, a country located in the Southern Hemisphere of the Osean Continent, is a peaceful nation. For being a peaceful nation, it gets much revenue from its resources and GDP. However, in 2020, its neighbor to the north, Leasath, invaded it in a swift blitzkrieg. Within 10 days, 95% of Aurelia fell under Leasath control. The reason for the swift fall was later revealed to be the work of the Leasath superweapon, the airborne fortress Gleipnir. Its army shattered, its cities in ruin, all seemed lost for the small country.

The Over Shadowed Counter-attack

A small base in the northwestern part of the country, Aubrey Air Force Base, had not fallen under Leasath control. An attempt was made to change that, with 4 squadrons of B-52H Stratofortress dispatched to level the area. Gryphus Squadron, the local fighter squadron, was dispatched to destroy them. All Leasath forces were destroyed with minimal Aurelian casualties. However, on the return trip, the Gleipnir decloaked from the Puna Plains and launched an SWBM at Gryphus Squadron. All died but Gryphus One and Five survived. The attack shattered Aurelian morale, but did not discourage them from attaining their goal: Liberate Aurelia. Remaining forces then began a long and brutal operation to retake the country from Leasath. The first obstacle was a Leasath outpost on the Puna Plains. This base housed bombers, in preparation for another attack on Aubrey Air Base, one that if carried out, would have resulted in the destruction of the only Aurelian stronghold. Gryphus One was dispatched to destroy the base, which he accomplished with the help of two F-4E Phantom II's.

The next phase of the offensive was Port Patterson, a major supply center and Leasath hub. Aurelian Command managed to scrape a small invasion force and proceeded to take the base. However, Leasath got wind of this and several battalions of soldiers were inbound. These troops were too much for the small Aurelian ground forces to handle and Gryphus One assisted them by destroying all landing ships and naval vessels. Subsequently, Port Patterson fell. Aurelia established a foothold there, allowing them to push farther into the country. The next steps were difficult. Miller Unit, a elite Leasath special forces unit, deployed at Kingshill to retake the port, while the Gleipnir was positioned at Terminus Island to the south, assaulting the Davis Unit that was trapped at Stand Canyon. Depending on the player's decisions, Port Patterson can be saved or captured by the Miller Unit, the Gleipnir can escape from Aurelian forces or be damaged, or the Davis Unit can be saved.

Aurelian forces than advanced on Santa Elva, a major city and transportation hub vital to Leasath's control over Aurelia. Due to the threat of the Gleipnir, ground forces held back while Gryphus One and other Aurelian fighters assaulted the Gleipnir. During the battle the Gleipnir's DOS, SWBM launch ports and other defenses were completely destroyed.

Gryphus One managed to destroy the Gleipnir, which crashed near downtown, taking out a bridge in the process. The destruction of the Gleipnir boosted Aurelian morale to an unprecedented level. Plans for the next phase of the war began.

The next target was the Aurelian capital, Griswall. Unfortunately, several obstacles stood in the way. Sachana Air Force Base, the country's largest air force base and home of the Skylla Unit, a elite anti-air Leasath special forces unit, who was busy to sent a large reinforcements to the Kalana Steppes and Leasath forces are ready to retake Santa Elva, a transport squadron is delivering a powerful weapon to Griswall and the Nevera Jammer was preventing Aurelia from monitor their movements.

Despite their best efforts, Santa Elva is under attack from the Hamlet Unit, a biological wafare Leasath special forces unit. Despite an unstable delivery device, Gryphus One was able to neutralize the gas and destroy all Leasath fighters. The enemy forces on the Kalana Steppes was also destroyed, but not before putting up fierce resistance. After the operation, the Skylla Unit has left Sachana AFB in order to reinforce the Nevera Jammer. Despite danger from Leasath RPG soldiers, Aurelian CH-47 Chinook helicopter unit was able to retake the base and add another asset to the war yet.

Then, the Mount Nevera was assaulted. Despite the heavy jamming in the area, Gryphus One was able to locate the power stations that provided energy to the high performance air defense system, even though the Skylla Unit attempted to stop him by destroying the transmission towers which led him to the power stations. Upon destruction of the jammer, Aurelia then assaulted Monte Breeze, a port southwest of Griswall, and the location of a Leasath weapons plant. Several transports were caught hauling MBSRs out of the area. They were shot down, but it was then revealed that an Aurelian resistance group, the A.L.C. (Aurelian Liberation Corps) was headed to the weapons factories, which Leasath forces had rigged with explosives. Gryphus One managed to destroy the factories, much to the chagrin of the A.L.C.

The final step was Griswall. The assault on Griswall took planning, as it was protected by the air defense system, the Meson Cannon.

Operation: Gaiuss Tower began on an unknown day in December 2020, with columns of Aurelian tanks advancing on Gaiuss Tower, the nerve center of Leasath forces. The Meson Cannon inflicted barely any casualties and didn't shoot down any aircraft except for Ninox 2, an Aurelian Su-27 Flanker pilot. Gryphus One destroyed all Meson Cannon batteries and neutralized Leasath forces. Second operation, the Aurelian Liberation Corps helped Gryphus One by cut the Meson Cannon's power but open the Atmos Ring's gates and let Leasath ground forces attacked the capital and Gryphus One destroyed them. But, he has to deal with the Skylla Unit, which used their M270 MLRS rocket launchers to launch MGM-140 ATACMS missiles to destroy the capital's central defense perimeter, but Gryphus One stopped all the missile attacks and save the capital. Diego Navarro, Leasath's commanding officer, escaped in a C-17A Globemaster III earlier after he learned that Aurelian forces were outside of Griswall. Gaiuss Tower fell and Aurelia was free. However, the war wasn't over yet.

The next morning, Navarro's C-17 Globemaster III was spotted heading for an unknown complex on an island 20 miles south of Leasath. The Aurelian Air Force Otus Squadron was watching him and get shot down by Leasath's stealth aircraft, codenamed Fenrir.

The End of Deception

Gryphus One was immediately scrambled to quell the threat of this new weapon. However the complex where FENRIR was housed was in a chain of islands housing several Leasath complexes. One island housed the development facility for a weapon for Fenrir.

Gryphus One managed to destroy the development facility, as well as the elite Leasath Alect Squadron. Archelon Fortress was within striking distance.

Gryphus One attacked the island along with the Aquila Squadron. A fierce dogfight erupted between Aurelian forces and the last Leasath fighters. While the battle ensued, an Aurelian amphibious unit landed on the island and took the Electrical Transmitter, the device powering FENRIR's DOS. Gryphus One destroyed the transmitter, nullifying the camouflage. He then proceeded to destroy all FENRIRs and Leasath aircraft. The amphibious force entered the fortress and encountered another FENRIR taking off. Gryphus One entered the fortress and destroyed all FENRIRs inside, as well as a Leasath U-2 Dragon Lady. The fortress then imploded as Gryphus One escaped with seconds to spare. The war was finally over.

Afterwards, Griswall was decorated in the colors of the Christmas season, and everyone forgot the devastating war that happened mere days ago. However, this war set the stage for another war that would occur in 25 years.

In 2021, Aurelia became a member of the allied alliance with Osea, Yuktobania, Ustio, FATO, Recta, Ratio, and Sapin; during the age of corporate reform, these countries would not be taken over by corporations; and they retain their status.


Physical Geography

Aurelia is located on the southern coast of the Osean continent. The country occupies a peninsula, with an Isthmus connecting it to the rest of the continent. The western, northeastern and southern coasts are mountainous, while the rest of the country is mostly made up of plains. Aurelia has a temperate climate on the isthmus, gradually becoming semiarid in the center of the nation and subarctic in the southwest. Much of the nation has an alpine climate due to high elevation.

Human Geography

  • The country is similar to South America due to its location south of the U.S.A.-like superpower of Osea, the Puna region, and several squadron names (Gryphus, for example, is the Andean Condor). Most characters also have Spanish names, and Spanish-speaking newspapers are frequently shown in cutscenes.
  • Several other squadrons are named after birds from Australia, such as Ninox.
  • Aurelia is similar to South Korea both geographically and in its political relationship with North Korea. Aurelia provided Leasath with large amounts of financial aid during and after its civil war. Despite this generosity, most of Leasath still holds animosity towards Aurelia due to state-sponsored propaganda.
  • Like many real countries in the Southern Hemisphere, the constellation Crux (the Southern Cross) is symbolic of Aurelia. Due to its name and prominent symbol, it's likely that Aurelia is based off parts of South America.

Federal Provinces

  1. North Puna State; the southeastern-most area of the Aurelian countryside.
  2. South Puna State; the southwestern region that envelops the entire coast of the Aurelian peninsula's tip.
  3. Lenal Country State; the largest northern province and home to Griswall, tens of miles from the borderline.

Armed Forces

Aurelian Air Force (AAF)
Aurelian Navy
Aurelian Army


  • In Latin, Aurelia means "golden", which may hint this nation is wealthy.
  • Aurelia for its content Hispanic names and contact details as cross southern region of the Condor and Puna, physical geography and human geography is possible that Aurelia's real counterpart is Argentina, Although Aurelia  Include cultural elements of Argentina :the condor or "Vultur gryphus" is the national animal of the Republic Argentina, "Aurelia" in latin means "gold", "argentum" in latin means "silver", Aurelia Tizon (wife of President Juan Domingo Peron) was first woman candidate for democratic elections, "puna" is a plateau region extending from southern Argentina crossing to the north even to the region of Peru, the crux is an icon found on flags of the provinces that belong the Republica Argentina , but include elements from other Latin American Nations, As Aurelia is a representation of some nations Strangereal South America and Latin America, You can also include elements of Mexico because that nation is also rich(?). It is noteworthy that Argentina and Mexico are the two greatest powers of Latin America although below Brazil.

But many name of the squadron are in Italian, for example Falco and Aquila.

  • It can be seen at the end Ace Combat X that Christmas is celebrated in Aurelia. Meaning that Christianity might exist in Strangereal.


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