During the 2020 Aurelian War, the army took the brunt of the Leasath assault and was almost completely wiped out. With dedicated air support from Aurelian Air Force (AAF), in particular the 207th Tactical Fighter Squadron "Gryphus Squadron", the army managed to halt the Leasath advance and after some hard fighting, retake Port Patterson and gain much needed supplies.

From there they were able to regroup and push Leasath forces back to Santa Elva, witnessing the destruction of the Gleipnir at the hands of Gryphus One in the process. With the loss of the Gleipnir, Leasath forces lost their heavy firepower and were pushed back to Griswall by Aurelian forces and the newly formed Aurelian Liberation Corps.

Known Units & Equipment

Victor Regiment: T-80U, AAV-7A1, Gepard and ADATS.

The Victor Regiment led the assault to retake the Aurelian capital Griswall with support from the Aurelian Air Force. With their air support, they broke through the capital's defense perimeter and then eventually retake Gaiuss Tower.

Davis Unit: T-80UD MBT and BMP-3 IFV.

The Davis Unit found themselves cut off from the main force in Stand Canyon towards the start of the Aurelian War. Most of the unit's vehicles was destroyed by an SWBM attack from the Gleipnir but the remainder were rescued by the 207th Tactical Fighter Squadron led by Gryphus One. Then, they participated in the operation to retake Santa Elva.

Seagull, Jaguar & Puma Units: Gunboat (Seagull) and M1165/1151 HMMWV (Jaguar & Puma).

These reconnaissance units took part in the operation to destroy Leasath Air Force transports attempting to leave the Monte Breeze with powerful weapon for the Meson Cannon. Their role was to keep the combat zone border under observation in case the transports tried to escape as jamming station from Mount Nevera was causing interference to the scanners and radar.

General Equipment:

Russian/Ukrainian T-80UD Main Battle Tank.

Russian T-80 Main Battle Tank

Russian BMP-3 Infantry Fighting Vehicle.

American AAV-7A1 Amphibious Assault Vehicle.

American M1165/1151 High Mobility Multi-purpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV).

German Flakpanzer Gepard (Cheetah) self-propelled AA gun.

Switzerland Air Defense Anti-Tank System (MIM-146 missile) self-propelled SAM system.

Aurelian Liberation Corps

In mission 10B "Break In", the Aurelian Liberation Corps is a resistance group inspired by the heroic actions of Gryphus One and formed not long before Gryphus squadron took to the skies over Monte Breeze. They appeared in a train heading for the Monte Breeze manufacturing centres in the area with the plan of capturing the technologically advanced weapons Leasath had been developing. Unbeknownst to them, withdrawing Leasath forces had set explosives to destroy the manufacturing plants. Gryphus One was forced to intervene and destroy the plants and explosives before their train could arrive.

In mission 12C "Wild Card", the ALC also present at Griswall and Leasath ground forces assaulted the capital after they cut the power to Meson Cannon and opened the Atmos Ring's gates and Gryphus One destroyed all enemy forces. After that, he has to deal with the Skylla Unit, a elite anti-air Leasath special forces unit, who used their M270 MLRS rocket launchers and launch multiple MGM-140 ATACMS missiles to destroy the capital's defense perimeter, but all missiles were destroyed and the capital was liberated.



M113A1/A3 Armored Personnel Carrier

Amphibious Vehicles:

AAV-7A1 Amphibious Assault Vehicle

Transport Helicopters:

CH-47 Chinook


T-80U Main Battle Tank

M1A1 Abrams


Passenger Train (Used only by the Aurelian Liberation Corps)

High Mobility Multi-purpose Wheeled Vehicle

Flakpanzer Gepard

Air Defense Anti-Tank System

BMP-3 Infantry Fighting Vehicle



Aurelian Special Ops

Aurelian Special Forces

Aurelian Army

The embattled Aurelian troops.

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