"Let's show them what the Aurelian Liberation Corps are made of!"
― Aurelian Liberation Corps leader

The Aurelian Liberation Corps (ALC) was a resistance group formed by Aurelian civilians after Leasath's invasion in late 2020.[1]


The Liberation Corps was formed by various Aurelian citizens, including food vendors and carpenters, with the intention of fighting against the Leasath's occupation of their homeland. [2]

ALC members participated in the operation to recapture Griswall, using the train from Monte Breeze to enter the capital as they disabled the Meson Cannon to help Gryphus One. However, they were trapped by Leasath ground forces near the city entrance but Gryphus One destroyed them. After that, the ALC barricaded the streets as Gryphus One intercepted a barrage of MGM-140 ATACMS missiles fired at the capital's defense perimeter from the Skylla Unit, an elite anti-air Leasath special forces unit.[3] The group was disbanded after the war and its members contributed to the reconstruction efforts in the capital.[2]