An Aurelian amphibious fleet in action during the last mission of Ace Combat X.

The Aurelian Navy is the naval warfare branch of the Aurelian Armed Forces. During the Aurelian War of 2020, the Aurelian Navy participated 3 recorded operations. (These missions had different outcomes depending on player actions). The navy's special operation forces principal is the Aurelian Navy SEALs.


Notable ships

Thalassa - Hatakaze-class destroyer (DDG) - called cruiser in ACX

Naiad - Los Angeles-class submarine (SSN)

Ship types

U.S. Kitty Hawk-class aircraft carrier (CV)

Japanese Hatakaze class Guided Missile Destroyer (DDG)

French Cassard class Anti-Aircraft Frigate (Type F70 AA) - called destroyer in ACX

French Georges Leygues-class Frigate (Type F70)

Italian San Giorgio class Amphibious Transport Dock (LPD)

U.S. Los Angeles-class submarine (SSN)

Naval Aviation

Lockheed Martin F-35C Lightning II

Standard Weapons

Gun: General Dynamics GAU-22/A 25mm 4-barrel gatling style autocannon

MSSL: Raytheon AIM-9M Sidewinder

Special Weapons

LASM - Boeing AGM-84 Harpoon

SOD - MBDA Storm Shadow

QAAM - Raytheon AIM-9X Sidewinder


  • During the Aurelian War, the Aurelian Navy SEALs participated in only one recorded operation where they infiltrated, sabotaged and destroyed the Archelon Fortress in the last mission if the Alect Squadron arrives at the facility first instead of the High-Powered Microwave weapon.
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