"May the Golden King smile upon us."
Marcus Lampert[1]

King Aurelius II was a monarch of medieval Emmeria in the 15th century and the founder of the modern Republic of Emmeria. In modern times, his legend lives on in the "Golden King", a statue Aurelius II himself constructed, basing it on legends of the Anean god of war, the Golden Giant.[2][3]


In the 1400s, Emmeria was subject to a period of ceaseless infighting among Emmerian lords vying for control of Gracemeria's fertile lands. This left Emmeria open to a number of foreign invasions.[2] During this time, King Aurelius II rose to power, united the squabbling Emmerian lords, created the Golden King, and brought an end to the foreign invasions, thereby restoring the royal family's power.[3]

Aurelius II later became instrumental in transitioning Emmeria from a monarchy to a republic.[3]


A statue of gold, the "Golden King", was made in honor of his actions. Carried by troops under his banner into battle, the statue demoralized enemy soldiers, often winning combat without violence.[2]

In 1999, the citizens of Gracemeria's Old Quarter area, from the capital of Emmeria, wished for him to be with them on the day of the Ulysses 1994XF04 impact and Alberto Lawrence, his descendant, made this wish come true.[2]

Following the Invasion of Gracemeria by Estovakia, the Golden King that was sitting in the great hall was removed and taken to a hidden location by Estovakian soldiers, which further depressed the mood of Emmerian citizens in the occupied city.

During the Liberation of Gracemeria spearheaded by Talisman, some wayward Emmerian soldiers inside a tank discovered the Golden King while searching for treasures to steal. The would-be thieves changed their minds, placed the Golden King on top of their tank and drove it to the main square in the city while announcing the end of the war, prompting people to sing and cheer again. The Golden King and the tank remained there following the war's end as a memorial.



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