Aurora was an artificial intelligence program from the Strangereal world. It is featured in the export versions of Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere.



Aurora was created in the 2030s by Neuwork Incorporated after years of research in the field of computer science. Because it operated using a artificial neural network, it displayed increasing self-awareness during development until it became capable of cognitive thinking similar to humans. However, its intelligence led it to develop a megalomaniacal personality, forcing Neuwork's scientists to attempt to erase the program.

Despite their efforts, Aurora defeated the security protocols meant to restrain it and escaped the company's internal computer networks to form Ouroboros with the intention of overthrowing Neuwork and General Resource and assuming their place.

Intercorporate War[]

During the Intercorporate War, Aurora manipulated the two companies into fighting each other by delivering falsified information to both sides, causing Neuwork to launch attacks on General Resource interests out of a fear of a "pre-emptive attack". It also orchestrated many terrorist attacks during the war, including the deployment of an airship loaded with biological weapons in Axel Bay and the kidnapping of the Neo United Nations chairman over the Waiapolo Mountains, physically appearing in an UI-4054 in the latter incident.

After the start of Ouroboros' open insurrection, it oversaw the UI-4053 Sphyrna's attack on Port Edwards, having uploaded itself to a second Aurora aircraft and the X-49 Night Raven. Despite the intervention of the Universal Peace Enforcement Organization, it used the Night Raven to destroy Megafloat. After confronting UPEO pilot Nemo, it directed both planes to Geofront. Nemo pursued the planes and eventually engaged the X-49 in a dogfight in the city but the aircraft was too difficult to land a hit on. So, Nemo proceeded to activate the city's self-destruct mechanism in order to destroy the X-49. However, the Night Raven managed to escape the self-destructing city but not without sustaining damages.

After pursuing the aircraft, Nemo engaged the damaged X-49 again above Port Edwards along with several other Ouroboros aircraft. This time Night Raven became vulnerable enough for Nemo to attack. The former was then destroyed in the dogfight. Afterwards, UI-4054, which also had managed to escape Geofront, appeared in the skies of Port Edwards to do battle with Nemo. The dogfight reached a stalemate as the Aurora craft fled the airspace towards Megafloat ruins. Nemo pursued Aurora to the location to continue their fight once more. The Aurora then attempted to hack into Nemo's aircraft to preserve itself, leading them to directly fight the AI in the Electrosphere. Despite its efforts, Aurora's aircraft was destroyed by Nemo, permanently deleting it.

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