This article is about an in-game mission. For the in-universe event, see Operation Point Blanc.

Avalon is the sixth mission of Ace Combat Infinity. It was added to the game on July 17, 2014.

A missile launch facility has been discovered on the border between Russia and Mongolia. Task Force 118 must neutralize the facility before they launch intercontinental ballistic missiles.


Goodfellow: All right. Let's get this briefing started. A large-scale experimental missile site has been discovered in Area M3A, straddling the border between Russia and Mongolia. It's situated in the Avalon Dam, a facility under the management of Wernher Noah. Usean forces are gathered around the site as we speak. The dam lake has been completely drained, revealing the missile site and an array of anti-air installations. The gravity dam itself has been repurposed to serve as a de-facto fortress of concrete. Judging by the size and shape of the silos, we believe the site was built to handle ICBMs. To be safe, we've deployed an AL-1B missile interceptor in Russian airspace. However, we've been asked to neutralize the site before they can launch any ICBMs. The Arrowblades will approach from the Russian side through a canyon that leads to the dam site. Maintain a low altitude at all times, or else you'll be picked up on radar and become an easy target for long-range anti-air missiles. Stay at low altitude as you pass through the canyon. Once we arrive at the site, our ground forces will enter the facility and secure the main routes of passage into the silos. You will then use those passages to fly underground and destroy the missile facility. This operation will require extremely precise flying skills, but considering everything you've made it through up to now, I have no doubt about our chances of success here. I'll be expecting results. Dismissed.



At the start of the mission, 3 minutes are allotted to fly through the canyon at low altitude. The player is restricted to altitudes below 600 meters or 1900 feet. Enemy units are placed throughout the canyon, including surface-to-air weapons and flights of enemy planes. The player is urged to ignore all enemy units and fly through the canyon as fast as possible.

Upon arrival at the Avalon Dam facility, two radar towers providing radar jamming will be visible. The player must destroy this to open up the radar.

Mission Update 1

Immediately upon destruction of both jammer towers, the player will be allotted four minutes to destroy as many targets throughout the facility as possible. Both Bone Arrow and Ridgeback must obtain a combined score of 18,500 points (denoted by a line on the progress bar) before time runs out, or the mission will end in failure.

Mission Update 2

If the player successfully destroys enough targets, the ground units providing support will open up the shutters to allow the player to enter the tunnels and destroy the ICBM launch devices. There are four devices in total, split up between two tunnel pathways.

The player will only have 3 and a half minutes to destroy all four ICBM launch devices. Enemy units will spawn to attack the player, both inside and outside of the tunnels, but they are not mission-important.

Mission Update 3

A fifth ICBM successfully launches, and the player has exactly 1 minute, 8 seconds, and 20 centiseconds to destroy it. Following the ICBM's destruction, the mission will end in success.

S Rank

A guide for obtaining the S Rank on this mission is pending confirmation on the exact method to obtain the S Rank.

An S Rank is obtained in this mission by finishing with a score of at least 45,000 points. In addition, the player must complete a part of the mission or the mission itself within a certain time limit. The section of the mission and the length of the time limit is unknown.


Goodfellow: Well, that was a close one. We gave you a tough mission, and you executed it flawlessly. Good job. Analysis suggests the ICBM's path would have landed it in Washington D.C. They were trying to bring this war to American soil.


  • It is possible to destroy the 4 underground ICBMs without going through the tunnels by using special weapons with area effect such as UGB and MPBM.
  • The background music of the mission is exactly the same as that of the first part of The Valley of Kings.
  • Goodfellow comments that it's snowing over the dam, which is a throwback to Larry Foulke commenting "Here comes the snow..." during Zero.


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