The Avalon Dam (Russian: Авалонская ГЭС) is a gravity dam re-purposed to act as a concrete fortress as well as an experimental missile launch site, located within Area M3A, near the Mongolian border. Under the management of Wernher and Noah Enterprises, the dam was destroyed on March 3, 2020 by Task Force 118 when it was obtained by the USEA Federation. However, it was just a matter of time before it was reestablished, prompting another raid.



The Avalon Dam was developed sometime in the 20th century as a gravity dam for the large river it's placed in. In the late 20th century, following the collision between the Polyphemus and 1986VG1 Ulysses asteroids, the dam was re-purposed as a missile launch site to assist Stonehenge in defending the planet Earth from the resulting meteors.[1]

It is unknown if the missile platform was completed in time and participated in the Ulysses Disaster. However, the dam remained unscathed after the disaster.


At some point (if they hadn't developed it themselves), Wernher Noah became in possession of the Avalon Dam. Following the Sons of Troia insurgency, the dam was taken over by the USEA Federation forces (who had been using a majority of Wernher Noah's weaponry due to their numerous stockpiles).[2]

In March 2020, the dam was drained of water and prepared for a missile launch. The United Nations Forces discovered the dam and dispatched Task Force 118 to destroy it. Reaper, with the help of UNF Marine Commandos, entered the facility with his aircraft and destroyed the ICBM launch devices within the facility, destroying most of the dam itself. Avalon's staff managed to launch one ICBM, but it was quickly shot down by Reaper.[3]

At a later date, the dam was not only reestablished but also further reinforced with tighter anti-air blanket and larger deployment. However, before it could launch any ballistic missiles, it was raided once again by the UNF.



  • The dam was revealed by the late-April 2014 issue of Famitsu Magazine to be a downloadable scenario in Ace Combat Infinity in the future, and would consist of a complete remake of the mission "The Valley of Kings", including the ravine flight required to reach it. The stage was implied to be highly difficult by director Kazutoki Kono, who commented that he had been repeatedly shot down in playtesting before reaching the dam itself.[1]