For the Campaign mission, see Avalon (mission). For other uses, see Avalon.

Avalon Dam Invasion is an Online Co-Op Mission in Ace Combat Infinity. It takes place over Avalon Dam, Russia, where players must work together to neutralize the facility.


We have obtained information that the enemy intercontinental ballistic missile test facility, created by modifying the Avalon Dam located along the border between Mongolia and Russia, is opereational once again.
Our mission this time is therefore to destroy this facility prior to a missile launch taking place.
You will need to approach from the Russian side, flying low along the canyon that connects to the dam in order to avoid radar detection.
After the dam's defenses have been neutralized, the mission will be complete once the underground missile facility has also been taken out.
This operation will demand every ounce of your flying skill, but we are confident that will be successful.



Upon spawning, players will be restricted to one of the following altitude restrictions:

  • 400 meters (~1,300 feet)
  • 500 meters (~1,600 feet)
  • 800 meters (~2,600 feet)
  • 1000 meters (~3,000 feet)
  • No restriction

Unless there's no restriction, two radar towers will be destructible at the fortress entrance similar to Avalon in the Campaign, and the altitude restriction will remain in place until these radar towers are destroyed. If a player goes above the restriction, powerful high-speed missiles will spawn and fire at them.

Mission Update

S Rank


E or D Rank

The forces defending Avalon Dam and the missile facility are both still intact, and the operation has ended in failure. Command, unable to ignore the risks of intercontinental missiles, are already investigating what to do next.

C or B Rank

You caused considerable damage to the facility, but failed to completely neutralize it. As we cannot afford to leave such a latent danger in play, another attack operation is likely to be implemented as quickly as possible.

A Rank

You managed to neutralize Avalon Dam and successfully destroy the missile facility.
This was an extremely difficult mission, but you proved that you were up to the challenge.

S Rank

Your impeccable, precise execution of the mission successfully destroyed the missile facility and prevented any damage it may have caused. Furthermore, the enemy defenders suffered a crippling blow, which will severely restrict enemy operations in the region for the forseeable future.


  • The 400-meter and 500-meter altitude restrictions are incredibly difficult to deal with, since the lowest altitude of the surrounding altitude is a little over 300 meters above sea level, giving players less than 100 or 200 meters (300 or 600 feet), respectively, to fly safely within.