""Show them the power of the Spiridus. Ready the main cannon!"
Valahia Commmander in Bird Hunt

The Balaur (バラウール Baraūru) is an advanced electromagnetic railgun employed by the terrorist organization based in Eastern Europe called Valahia.


Two variants of the Balaur have been confirmed to exist: one is mounted aboard the Valahia's combat aircraft Spiridus and a stand-alone variant.


The first Balaur is mounted in the midsection of the Spiridus's airframe. The weapon first saw action in battle during Valahia's initial assault on the Japanese capital of Tokyo, where it was used to damage the Tokyo Bay, thus demonstrating the Spiridus's combat capabilities. After the battle, the fortress would retreat from Tokyo towards the Izu Isands, where visual contact was lost.

Infern Stand-Alone

A second, stand-alone version of the Balaur was stationed at the Valahia's headquarters located in Southern Romania. The weapon fires with the assistance of a radar network disguised as a weather station in the Serbian mountains, thus increasing it's accuracy over long ranges, it is possible that the Balaur may have intercontinental firing range, due to the distance between Southern Romania & Serbia.



The Balaur has immense destructive power, as proven by the attack on Tokyo, where it would be used to obliterate the harbor section of the metropolis. Likewise, the ground-based Balaur is just as powerful, with the shockwave generated by the firing burst being enough to annihilate any aircraft flying too close to the cannon (although the F-22 could survive at most 2 hits and most other military aircraft could survive at most 1, for proof try doing any mission that includes the Balaur and allow it to hit you, do not allow anything else to hit you prior). Furthermore, the Serbian radar network allowed for precise long-range firing, making it a deadly duo of great firepower and accuracy


The Spiridus' Balaur has several disadvantages: first of all, the Spiridus contains a heat vent in the rear of the mainframe, which can cause the Balaur's charging to destabilize, and can potentially lead to damage from overloading—this was used by the Antares Squadron to their advantage, dealing severe damage to the Spiridus, and forcing it to retreat from Tokyo.

The Infern Balaur also has some disadvantages: to be specific, it's long-range accuracy is reduced if the Serbian radar stations are knocked out or if an enemy plane is flying very fast near it, however it remains as deadly as always in mid-to-short range or an accidental collision of the barrel.


  • The railgun's namesake comes from the Romanian Balaur, which is described as a mythological, multi-headed dragon.
  • The Infern version of the Balaur has a resemblance of Stonehenge Turret Network in terms of appearance and with Excalibur in the way of avoid their attacks.
  • The Balaur bears a striking resemblance to Ace Combat 6's Chandelier Railgun, except in smaller size.
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