All right, gentlemen, it's time to clean house!
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"All Emmerian units are spread out and close in on the Estovakian unit, show no mercy!"
― Barracuda Armored Battalion

The Barracuda Armored Battalion is a tank battalion of the Republic of Emmeria Army.

Anean Continental War[]

The Republic of Emmeria Army 2nd Corps 2nd Brigade 6th Tank Battalion, aka Baracuda Armored Battalion, was a minor tank battalion that saw action in the Emmeria-Estovakia War. The only fight that the battalion is known to have participated in is the defense of Silvat when the city came under siege by Estovakian forces. They were able to hold out against enemy forces just west of the city. Their leader is now Alan Buckman since the original leader was killed during the Silvat Town attack. After Barracuda and the other defenders of Silvat received air support from the REAF pilots that had just gotten back from Khesed, they were finally able to drive out the Estovakians. After the Emmerian forces from Khesed met up with the units in Silvat, Barracuda was added to the Dragon Busters Battalion, which saw more action later in the war.

Note- The assault records on AC6 call both Barracuda and Dragon Busters Battalion "2nd Corps 2nd Brigade 6th Tank Battalion."


"This is Barracuda Armored Battalion. Can you read me? Requesting support!" -Barracuda while trying to defend against an Estovakian armored attack during the Siege of Silvat.

"A whole mess of attacks are comin' our way! Prepare for close combat!" -Barracuda during the Siege of Silvat.