For the location, see Mount Marcello.

"Talisman, It's time to mop the floor."
― Shamrock

"Bartolomeo Fortress"[b] is the fourth campaign mission of Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation. The player must help their allies recapture Bartolomeo Fortress.


The final remnant of Estovakian forces on this island is concentrated on Mt. Marcello in northern Khesed. The enemy is mainly distributed through this mountainous area, with Bartolomeo Fortress as its center of operations, providing a variety of high level defensive measures and offensive might. This fortress also boasts strong anti-air capabilities. Our ground unit in this mission is to split into 2 groups, to the east and west, along with an air unit providing ESM, which gives us 3 units in total. Garuda Team, we need you to cover each of these units in whatever order you feel is neccessary. The situation will change depending on which turn a particular battle takes. You'll need to keep tabs on the combat situation of each unit to successfully complete this mission. Our forces on the main land are scattered and desperate -- doing all they can to protect our nation. We need you to help guarantee their success on this mission. And success on this mission is measured by how much support you can provide them with.



The player will have three operations to participate in, and they must complete two operations in order to advance the mission.

(A) Logistics Route Assault Support
Warlock will be attacking Bartolomeo Fortress from the west. In addition, they will also be attacking the enemies' supplies. The player must defend Warlock and destroy all enemy TGTs.
(B) Gun Site Capture Support
Quox will be attacking Bartolomeo Fortress from the east. In addition, they will also be attempting to capture an artillery site. The player must defend Quox and destroy all enemy TGTs.
(C) Electronic Support Aircraft Defense
Snake Pit will be providing ESM. The player must defend Snake Pit and destroy all enemy TGTs. The enemy is receiving ESM from radar units, which can be destroyed.

Mission Update

After two operations have been completed, the next objective is to destroy all TGTs in and around Bartolomeo Fortress. The TGTs are protected by AA defenses and enemy air support, including two members of Strigon Team. In addition, the enemy also receives ESM support from enemy radar units. The destruction of all TGTs ends the mission.

Enemy Lists

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S Rank

Earning an S rank on this mission requires earning an average rank of S on the individual operations and the Mission Update. The S rank requirements for each stage are as follows:[1]

  • Operation A: 10,700+ points
  • Operation B: 12,000+ points
  • Operation C: 7,700+ points
  • Mission Update: 12,000+ points


We have successfully retaken Bartolomeo Fortress. With the successful execution of this mission, Emmerian forces have regained complete control of Khesed Island. A plan to retake the mainland is now in the works. We're about to get into some serious combat.


  • If the player completes Operation B, allied howitzers will spawn alongside Quox and in other strategic locations to assist in capturing the player by shelling enemy ground forces from long-range. Some of these howitzers will only fire when Allied Support is used.
  • If the player completes Operation C, Snake Pit and his escort fighters will follow the player. Snake Pit's escorts will not participate in Allied Support, but if the player flies near enemy fighters or ground units, the escorts will engage the enemy units at their own will as long as Snake Pit is around.


  1. Roaring of Guns Echoing in the Mountains (山岳に響く砲声)
  2. Battle to Capture Bartolomeo Fortress (バルトロメオ要塞攻略戦)