"Don't let [the Oseans] set one foot on our soil!"
― Yuktobanian soldier[1]

Bastok Peninsula is a large stretch of land located in southeastern Yuktobania, surrounded by the Ceres Ocean to the north-northeast and the Pacific Ocean to the south. The peninsula is the easternmost point of both Yuktobania and the Verusan continent.


The Bastok Peninsula features rugged, hilly terrain that quickly rises above the coastline and is covered in thick tropical vegetation. Its southern coast is dotted with small sandy strands, such as Volna Beach. At some point in time, the Yuktobanian Army constructed a series of defensive bunkers and a fortress to guard the peninsula against possible coastal invasions.


On November 1, 2010, during the Circum-Pacific War, the Osean Federation launched a large-scale amphibious invasion of the Bastok Peninsula, in an attempt to establish a foothold on the Yuktobanian mainland. Osean landing units stormed Volna Beach and proceeded inland toward the fortress. Through the coordinated efforts of the Osean ground and air forces, the Yuktobanian defenses were overwhelmed, and the fortress was eliminated.[1] Supreme Commander of the Osean forces, General Howell, then landed and established a forward command center to spearhead the invasion effort.[2]

Over the coming weeks, additional Osean units landed at the beachhead and began preparations for a massive offensive, which aimed to capture the Yuktobanian capital and end the war in short order.[3] However, the Yuktobanian underwater carrier Hrimfaxi bombarded the Bastok Peninsula with burst missiles. The Oseans suffered considerable casualties and were forced to temporarily postpone the offensive.[4]

The peninsula remained under the control of the Osean occupation forces for the remainder of the war.


  • "Bastok" is a variation of the Russian word "vostok", meaning "east".


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