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Not to be confused with Cruiser
USEA battle cruiser

A USEA Federation Kirov-class battle cruiser

Battle cruisers (marked as cruisers in older Ace Combat games) are upgraded cruisers featuring powerful weaponry and faster speeds.

They appeared sporadically in the series, most recently in Ace Combat Infinity.


In the Strangereal universe, multiple countries were known to operate battle cruisers, most notably the Kirov-class.

Belkan War

The Belkan Navy is known to have used several Kirov-class cruisers during the Belkan War. Several cruisers were assigned to defend the Futuro Canal; however, they were sunk during the Osean Offensive Campaign No. 4101.[1] Another cruiser, the Wilhelm, took part in an uprising at Anfang and was sunk by mercenary forces during Operation Broom.[2]

Circum-Pacific War

The battle cruiser Umely served as the flagship of a large Yuktobanian Navy formation during the Circum-Pacific War, but was sunk by the Razgriz Squadron.

Emmeria-Estovakia War

The battle cruiser Marigold was the flagship of the Emmerian Navy's 2nd Fleet during the Emmeria-Estovakia War. The Estovakian Navy also had a number of battle cruisers deployed during the war, including the Eques and the Gardeniya.

Lighthouse War

During the Lighthouse War, the Erusean Royal Navy made use of the battle cruiser Dysnomia.

Named Units

Yuktobanian Navy

Belkan Navy

Republic of Emmeria Navy

Estovakian Navy

Erusean Royal Navy

Russian Navy



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