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The Battle of Archelon Fortress was the last battle of the Aurelian War.[1]


Following multiple victories by Aurelia, the war's final battle would be fought at Archelon Fortress. As a result, preparations were made to destroy the Fenrir prototypes and the fortress once and for all. Meanwhile, the Alect Squadron had successfully reached the fortress and piloted the Fenrir units.[1]


With the help of a defecting Leasath scientist from Cobalt Cave, a joint collaboration between the Aurelian Air Force and the Aurelian Navy was established to first destroy the power transmitter supplying Fenrir's optical camouflage before engaging the fighter itself. While the Aurelian squadrons were busy drawing fire, Gryphus One assisted in sinking a few enemy ships to allow a special forces team to land on the island. After opening the gate to the transmitter, Gryphus One destroyed the transmitter effectively disabling the optical camouflage. He then began shooting down the Alect Squadron while the special forces team continued to Archelon Fortress to destroy it.[1]

After the Alect Squadron were defeated, the special forces team opened the door to the fort. To their shock, a fifth Fenrir was spotted attempting to flee with the data gathered during the battle. Gryphus One was then ordered to destroy it while inside the fortress. He entered the fortress, shot down the Fenrir and escaped from a vertical opening while the fortress exploded.[1]


With the Fenrirs destroyed, Leasath has effectively lost its offensive capabilities. After a scathing newspaper article from Osean reporter Albert Genette was released, Leasathian citizens began rioting against Navarro at the end the battle for his lies.[2]

Aurelia, after months of war, began enjoying a peaceful Christmas in the last days of the year.[2]

Any intact remains of Fenrir were recovered and reproduced for research purposes.[3]