"I've heard just about enough of your tall tales for one lifetime."
― Chimera 2[1]


With Aurelia unexpectedly dominating the Leasath Air Force at almost every encounter, Leasath decided to deploy it's elite Chimera Squadron to secure Area Z2K. Initial Aurelian Air Force aircraft that were sent to patrol the airspace suffered substantial losses and were forced to retreat. Falco Squadron were then ordered to sortie and destroy all enemy aircraft with no backup to support them.[1]


When Falco One arrived over Area Z2K, the Leasath Air Force had complete control of the airspace. He proceeded to shoot down the multiple squadrons present until one of the last few surviving aircraft requested that their elite unit would be sent up to help.[1]

The Chimera Squadron took to the skies and once again entered the airspace. Whilst on approach, the members expressed their grievances about Falco One, taunting him before engaging him in combat. As Falco One began to shoot them down, members of the elite unit exclaimed in surprise at the sheer skill of their opponent.[1]


After shooting down every member of Chimera Squadron present, the airspace was once again under Aurelian control and Falco One returned to base.[1]