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The Battle of Aubrey Air Base was an attempt to defend Aurelia's last line of defense, Aubrey Air Base, from Leasath military's advance in the Aurelian War.


As Leasath continued to advance following heavy Aurelian losses in the opening days of the war, 90% of the country was already under the former's control.[1][2] Aubrey Air Base was the last line of defense for Aurelia against a small Leasathian squadron, expecting an easy victory with minimal resistance, dispatched from Puna Base, that was en route attack to the air base.[3]


Gryphus Squadron Attacked

Gryphus Squadron attacked by an SWBM

Gryphus Squadron was quickly dispatched to deal with the oncoming threat. By attacking from the rear and using the element of surprise, Gryphus Squadron dealt with the bomber formations and escorts with relative ease. However, the squadron was soon attacked by Leasath's airborne fortress, the Gleipnir, with an SWBM, nearly wiping out the squadron.[4]


With the near-loss of Gryphus Squadron, the mission was declared a marginal success.[5]

Nevertheless, the survival of Aubrey Air Base allowed Aurelia to maintain their footing and plan out their next strategy.


  • As hinted by Eugene Solano about a "small attack force", it could have been that the bomber squadron was actually bait to lure what remained of the Aurelian Air Force into the air for an SWBM attack.


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