The Battle of B7R was a massive air battle fought between Belka and Osea in the late stages of the Belkan War. Taking place in May 28 of 1995, it was the largest aerial battle of the war, and one of the largest in Strangereal history, involving well over a hundred aircraft from both sides.

Summary of events


On May 28, the Allied Forces voided a non-aggression treaty with Belka, and simultaneously launched a large-scale surprise attack on Area B7R early that day. In response, the Belkan Air Force dispatched an equally large force to counter the allied attack. The element of surprise was quickly lost, and the allies rapidly lost over 40% of their strength.

To bolster the failing allies, Ustio dispatched the mercenary 66th Air Force Unit in an emergency mission to assist them.

Wolfgang Buchner's escape

Some time prior to the operations, officers from the Belkan army planned to detonate nuclear weapons on their country to stave off the allied advance. An unspecified city became the target of the plan, and the mission was given to flying ace Wolfgang Buchner. However, Buchner refused to acknowledge the order, prompting his superiors to brand him a traitor and mark him for death for the Schwarze Squadron, the "escapee killers" of the Belkan Air Force.

Now a fugitive, Buchner fled to the southwestern border of Belka towards B7R, just as the battle was coming to an end. He dove into the battle area and flew past the Galm Team, causing Dominic Zubov, the leader of Schwarze, to blame them for losing Huckebein. Following Huckebein was also Ashley Bernitz, who pursued him for personal reasons.

Bernitz pursued Huckebein and shot him down before being taken down by Cipher himself. Wolfgang safely ejected from his MiG-21bis Fishbed and safely landed on the ground, where he met Jack Bartlett of the Osean Air Force, who was also shot down by Ashley. The two journeyed from Area B7R to Osean territory, where they were believed to be Belkan personnel. After their identity was cleared, Bartlett returned to the OAF, and Wolfgang joined the 703rd Maintenance Company as Peter Beagle.


This battle was a major victory for the Allied Forces. They now had control of B7R, a very vital air corridor that helped to push Belka back even further. Belka was losing more and more ground, and its forces were dwindling. The war was going to end soon and everyone, even Belka, knew it.


  • Some accounts do vary on the Belkan ace squadron that appeared in B7R. Some say that the 4th Tactical Fighter Squadron "Schnee" or the 126th Tactical Fighter Squadron "Silber" or even the 6th Tactical Fighter Squadron "Schwarze" showed up as real reinforcements sent by Belka; regardless, all accounts agree that Cipher and Pixy shot down whatever reinforcements really did show up.
  • This was the largest air battle in all of history until Operation: Countdown took the title.
  • The battle is likely inspired by the real-life Operation Battle-Axe, in the North African theater of World War II. The beginnings of each battle mirror each other: British forces attacked the Germans with superior numbers, but suffered heavy casualties. The similarity ends there, as the real-life Operation Battle-Axe failed in its objectives, while the in-game operation is a resounding success.
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