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"This is Ghost Eye to all planes. Initiate invasion of Bartolomeo Fortress."
AWACS Ghost Eye[1]

The battle of Bartolomeo Fortress was one of the major battles in the Emmeria-Estovakia War. The battle would be the last engagement on Khesed Island; the rest of the war would be fought on the Emmerian mainland.[1]


After the Emmerian army successfully recaptured Sipli Field, the Estovakians were forced to retreat to Mount Marcello. The Emmerian forces soon began preparations to capture Bartolomeo Fortress, a defensive fortification on Mount Marcello, and drive the Estovakians off of Khesed Island once and for all.[1]


On December 27, 2015, the Emmerians began a two-pronged offensive on Bartolomeo Fortress; the Warlock Separate Battalion would attack from the west and destroy the Estovakians' supplies, while the Quox Armored Battalion would attack from the east and capture the Estovakians' artillery sites. In addition, Snake Pit and its escorts would provide ESM and attempt to destroy enemy air units. With the support of Garuda Team, the Emmerians were able to complete their objectives, and they began to attack Bartolomeo Fortress itself. During these preparations, Ozren Milos attempted to escape from the fortress, but was shot down by Garuda Team.

Shortly afterward, the attack on the fortress was complicated by the arrival of Estovakian reinforcements, including two pilots from Strigon Team. Despite fierce resistance, the Emmerians pressed on, and they were soon able to recapture the fortress.[1]


With the recapture of Bartolomeo Fortress, Khesed Island was once again under complete Emmerian control. In addition, the Emmerians would begin preparations to retake the mainland.[1]