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"This is the 7th Amphibious Unit. We're standing by at the port entrance."
― Leasath sailor[1]

The Battle of Challwa was a battle that took place during the early days of the Aurelian War.[2]


Despite Leasath failing to capture Base Sallqa, they showed so signs of slowing down. They quickly planned out an operation to secure a beachhead in the port city of Challwa.[3]


A battle quickly broke out between the forces of Aurelia and Leasath for control of the city. The Leasath utilized their 7th Amphibious Unit to carry out their landing operation. The fleet was escorted by several Leasath aircraft.[1]

The Aurelian Army, being pushed back requested assistance from its air force. Falco Squadron were dispatched to the city to try turn the course of the battle.[3]

When Falco One arrived at the battle he began to engage enemy forces, he managed to shoot down multiple aircraft along with sinking every vessel in the 7th Amphibious Unit that was present.[1]


After the fighting has ceased, the port city of Challwa was once again secured and Falco Squadron returned to base.[2]