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The Battle of Cobalt Cave was a conflict part of the Aurelian War and was the first battle in the war to take place in Leasathian territory.


Following the liberation of Griswall and Diego Navarro's subsequent escape to Alendal, Aurelia began preparations for operations in Leasath. Aurelian intelligence had informed the military of a new weapon that was to be transported from Cobalt Cave in order to be mounted on the Fenrir, Leasath's special assault aircraft. As a result, the Aurelian military began to set their sights on the cave.[1]


Gryphus Squadron, with the help of the Aurelian Navy, attacked Cobalt Cave to prevent Leasath from transporting the HPM to Archelon Fortress. The squadron also attacked the storage facilities while an amphibious unit was deployed to the island in order to gather information for the upcoming assault on Archelon Fortress. During the operation, the landing unit apprehended a Leasathian scientist, who requested asylum.[1]


With the destruction of the enemy complex and the transport ships, the Leasathians were unable to transport the weapon intended for the Fenrir. The scientist informed the Aurelian military about the High-Powered Microwave's function, a microwave-based weapon.[1]