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|casualties1 = Depends on the mission
|casualties1 = Depends on the mission
|casualties2 = Over 100
|casualties2 = Over 100
|casualties3 = Depends on the player's speed}}The '''Battle of Futuro Canal''', also known as '''[[Offensive Campaign No. 4101]]''', is a joint assault operation conducted by the [[Osean]] & [[Ustio]] miltaries during the [[Belkan War]].
|casualties3 = Depends on the player's speed}}The '''Battle of Futuro Canal''', also known as '''[[Offensive Campaign No. 4101]]''', is a joint assault operation conducted by the [[Osean]] and [[Ustio]] miltaries during the [[Belkan War]].

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The Battle of Futuro Canal, also known as Offensive Campaign No. 4101, is a joint assault operation conducted by the Osean and Ustio miltaries during the Belkan War.



In order to assist the struggling Ustio military, the Osean military had to find a secure route for their troops to travel to Ustio soil, where the majority of the conflict was taking place. The two militaries combined decided to carry out a joint assault operation to clear a route for the Osean (from here on out Allied) forces to pass through. The chosen location for the transportation of troops to Ustio was the Futuro Canal, a large river flowing inbetween a desertic plain. This mission was designated as Offensive Campaign No. 4101. The objective was to erradicate Belkan forces around the area & secure a safe route for Allied fores to pass through.

Offensive Campaign No. 4101 was split in 3 operations:

Operation Gelnikos

Phase one of the operation, consists of the elimination of jammer positions in the entrance of the Canal.

Operation Round Hammer

The second phase, based upon the erradication of a Belkan fleet at the northern side of the Futuro.

Operation Costner

The third & final phase, consists of escorting the 3rd Osean Naval Fleet & it's flagship, the state-of-the-art OFS Kestrel.

Having earned themselves a name in the infamous Area B7R, the 66th AFU Galm partook in this highly important mission.


-A brilliant military strategy that the Allied forces used to acheive victory during the conflict was it's three operational attack offensives :

1.Battle of Futuro Canal

2.Operation Dynamo

3. Operation Broom

Theses offensives visualised attacking enemy defenses with three different teams in three different times in the day primarily being:

1.Ground target

2.Ground,Air and Naval targets

3.Missions where the objective is to acheive air superiority.

This tactic is the equivalent to the blitzkrieg that the belkans used to inniciate the war. The Allies used there limited resources on specially picked objectives to make quick e decisive results. A major reason the it was successful was because of the professionlly trained soliders of the Allied Forces with great distiction to Foreign Mercency Forces for if one of these operations ended in failure the result would have been catastrofic because the resources wasted in theses operations would certainlly not have been recouperated without future gains. - - - The principal objective of these offensives was to achieve the exhaustion of the Belkan forces because they were attacked in three different locations and by three different forms: air, land and sometimes sea forces. With special attention to the fact that they were launched simultaneously without time in between for the belkans to regroup and regain their strength. This is the main idea behind the success of theses offensive operations.

-The Futruo Canal's real-life counterpart is the Suez Canal. The physical appearence of the canals are identical has well as both have been much disputed over in history in such events as French Campaign in Egypt and Syria,the Invasion of North Africa in World War II and it has been taken and retaken during the Arab-Israeli Conflict.


With the Futuro Canal clear of Belkan forces, the Allies now had a air corridor centered around the Kestrel & her fleet between Osea and Ustio. Aircraft could now fly between the countries safely.

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