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"Let's show them what the Aurelian Liberation Corps are made of!"
― Aurelian Liberation Corps leader

The Battle of Griswall was an offensive Aurelian operation against Leasathian forces in Aurelia during the Aurelian War.

The battle marked the last time a conflict took place within the country, as Leasathian forces were driven out into their homeland.


With Aurelia's recent victories in the war, the Aurelian Liberation Corps spurred into Griswall via a railway system in the Monte Breeze Industrial Area. The group made their way into the center of the city, driving Leasathian forces out with the aim of controlling the Meson Cannon. However, the group were quickly surrounded and trapped within the center. Gryphus and Ninox Squadrons were quickly deployed to the capital.[2]


Upon arriving at Griswall, Ninox 2 was shot down and killed by a Meson Cannon and the remaining Aurelian fighters quickly dispersed. Gryphus One quickly destroyed all Leasathian ground forces en route to the ALC, with the latter managing to shut down the Meson Cannons around the Atmos Ring by destroying the control panel. However, this action opened the gates to the center.[3]

After successfully repelling the ground attack, the Skylla Unit attempted to destroy the capital's defensive perimeter using cruise missiles mounted on launchers. Gryphus One successfully destroyed the cruise missiles heading for the capital, forcing the Skylla Unit to retreat.[3]


The outcome of the battle was a pivotal point in the war as Leasathian forces retreated from Aurelia due to the loss of their central command, with their commanding officer going into hiding. Gryphus One's actions boosted the morale of Aurelian ground forces, increasing the number of victories per day.[4]

With Aurelian forces having regained their strength for battle, preparations were being made for the war's closing stages.