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The Battle of Kingshill was a defensive operation launched by Aurelia at Kingshill.


With the loss of Port Patterson, Leasath prepared for an operation to retake the port with their ground forces, bolstered by the elite Miller Unit, by taking advantage of an unfinished highway and tunnel running through the region and to the outskirts of Port Patterson.[1]


Kingshill battle Aurelian ground force

Aurelian ground forces

With Leasathian forces advancing towards Port Patterson at an alarming pace, Gryphus Squadron was dispatched to eliminate the threat to Port Patterson and its weak Aurelian defences. Leasath also dispatched several aircraft to escort the advance. Following a hectic battle, all Leasathian forces were eliminated.[1]


The Aurelian victory at Kingshill permanently ended the threat of a Leasath counter-attack and recapture of Port Patterson, allowing Aurelia to plan further operations in the war.


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