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The Battle of London was a Valahia terrorist attack on the city of London. The IUPF was assigned to defend the city; Antares Squadron destroyed the Valahia's Spiridus aerial warship and prevented total destruction to London.


The Valahia had previously attacked Tokyo, Japan in November 2010 with the same Spiridus warship. The attacks were perpetrated by Nicolae Dumitrescu and funded by Andre Olivieri, aiming to force scared civilians into purchasing Olivieri's private war insurance.

In late February 2011, the Valahia announced to the world that London would be attacked next. This threw all of Europe into a panic, and Olivieri's insurance skyrocketed. The IUPF, focusing on other Valahia attacks in the Middle East, began to make their way towards London to defend the city.


On March 21, the Spiridus entered London airspace escorted by two Valahia aircraft. The Spiridus used three anti-ground electrolaser cannons to inflict damage upon the city. Antares and two other IUPF pilots intervened and destroyed the cannons before they could do any further damage.

The Spiridus then activated an anti-air electrolaser cannon, shooting down the two supporting IUPF pilots. Antares destroyed the Spiridus's cannon as well as its other anti-air armaments, causing the Spiridus to internally explode. The warship's pilots attempted to level the aircraft to aim one of their cannons at the Palace of Westminster, but failed to maintain altitude and eventually crashed into the River Thames.


The IUPF successfully destroyed the Spiridus warship, ending its threat to the world. Its destruction would eventually prompt the Golden Axe Plan Private Army to develop a brand-new Spiridus. Frederick Burford, the head of Martinez Security and the leader of the defensive operation in London, would also start to question the source of the Valahia's financial backing following this operation.


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