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"A red aircraft? I've never seen a paintjob like that before."
Ulrich Olsen

The Battle of Meriton was a conflict that took place in the Meriton Highlands.[1] [2]


After the Battle of Payton Channel, the Usean Rebel Forces planned to pull back and reestablish their frontlines. In order to ensure their retreat was successful, the rebels used Jammer aircraft to prevent the Usean Allied Forces from detecting them. However, the Allied Forces planned to counter this plan by hunting down and destroying all jammer aircraft.[2]


At 2200 hrs, Scarface Squadron entered the airspace over the Meriton Highlands and began attacking the E-767 and their escort squadrons. After the rebel squadrons were destroyed, an unknown aircraft appeared and attacked Scarface Squadron. However, Scarface was able to force the unknown aircraft to retreat.[2]


With the destruction of the jammers and their escorts, the rebel forces at the frontlines were weakened. The Allied Forces decided to take advantage of the rebels' weakness and unleash another attack on the rebel forces.[2]