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The Battle of Port Patterson was a conflict that took place over Port Patterson.[1]


Following Falco Squadron's triumphant victory over Area Z2K, Leasath had reduced their air activity in the region. Falco Squadron was then ordered to move from their home base to take part in various operations.[2]

Aurelia was planning a naval operation to move undamaged Aurelian warships from Port Patterson, a vital port for the Aurelian Navy, with Falco Squadron providing escort.[2]


Leasath had launched a full-scale invasion on Port Patterson with their naval and air forces. Falco Squadron protected both the fleet and Port Patterson from invading forces, shooting down attacking YRB-89 bombers in the process.[1]

After a heated air-sea battle, the fleet was able to leave Port Patterson unharmed and all Leasathian forces in the vicinity were destroyed.[1]


The Aurelian fleet set course to defend Griswall thanks to Falco Squadron's efforts.[3]

Later in the Aurelian War however, 90% of Aurelia was captured by Leasath, including Port Patterson.[4] This battle was only a precursor to a recapture operation by Aurelia.[5]


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