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The Battle of Puna Base was an attack launched by the remnants of the Aurelian Air Force on Puna Base, a hastily constructed resupply base built by Leasath to house large quantities of supplies need to support their troops, in order to try and quash the enormous Leasath advantage in Aurelia.[1]


Despite successfully defending Aubrey Air Base, the Aurelian military's success was overshadowed by the near-destruction of Gryphus Squadron and their rapid losses elsewhere. Unable to pursue the Gleipnir due to a severe lack of both manpower and supplies, and threatened by the assembly of enemy forces at Port Patterson, it was clear that Aurelia was running out of both time and options. With only one viable plan of attack, a successful attack against Puna Base would not only result in a heavy blow to the Leasathian ability to fight, but also mean both seizing desperately needed supplies to bolster the virtually depleted Aurelians, and gaining a foothold for Aurelia to attack Port Patterson.[1]


Believing that the entirety of all remaining Aurelian air power had been destroyed at Cape Aubrey by the Gleipnir, Puna Base was totally unprepared for the Gryphus Squadron's attack on the base. Despite the base commander radioing Port Patterson for reinforcements, they were still unable to prevent Gryphus Squadron's relentless attacks. After mounting losses, Puna Base's commander ordered that all surviving forces should retreat and abandon the base.[1]


The abandonment of Puna Base by Leasath forces meant that the base, along with the provisions stored there, fell into Aurelian hands - allowing them to support their remaining troops for upcoming battles.[1]