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"They're flying fighter jets through our tunnels? These people must be insane!"
Estovakian officer[1]

The battle of Ragno Fortress was a key strategic engagement during the Emmeria-Estovakia War. It resulted in the Emmerians recapturing their "impregnable" fortress.


Following the assault on the Aerial Fleet, the Emmerian military could now move freely throughout the Anean continent without the threat of Nimbus missiles destroying large portions of their forces.[2] Emmeria took this opportunity to head straight for their former capital, however, the only route for their ground forces was through Grageo Canyon, where Ragno Fortress was located. Ragno was Estovakia's designated "trump card" for keeping them out of Gracemeria.[1]


On March 6, 2016, Emmerian forces began an attack on Ragno Fortress. Three major operations would be carried out by the Emmerians to successfully recapture the facility.[1]

The first operation consisted of Warlock Separate Battalion pushing through the center path to the fortress, engaging enemy forces in their path. While speeding towards the fortress, the Estovakian military ambushed the battalion with squadrons AV-8B Harrier IIs and artillery strikes. The Emmerian Air Force would quickly deal with these threats and the operation continued.[1]

The second operation consisted of Windhover Squadron working to destroy all substation facilities along the river, cutting off all power to the fortress and leaving it in a critical state. This operation would also consist of destroying all transport routes along the water, leaving all personnel without necessary supplies.[1]

The third operation would be carried out by Yellow Jacket and the Emmerian special forces. They would use tunnels built underneath the fortress to deploy soldiers and initiate a takeover from inside. There were three main tunnels, Garuda Team would destroy the tunnel shutters keeping allied forces out and fly inside to take out any threats to the helicopter unit. Due to support from Garuda Team, Emmerian special forces were successful in their operation.[1]

Finally, the Emmerian military would commence one final push to deal with enemy forces within the fortress. Ultimately, the majority Estovakian forces were destroyed and the special forces would eliminate any remaining soldiers inside. By the end of the battle, Ragno Fortress was once again under complete Emmerian control, as the Emmerians continued their push towards Gracemeria.[1]