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"Never expected a fighter pilot to try flying through the ravine. I hate to admit it, but that pilot's good."
Usean Rebel Forces soldier

The Battle of Seals Bridge was a conflict that took place in the Seals Bridge Ravine.[1][2]


The Usean Allied Forces were looking for an advanced rebel submarine since the start of the Usean coup d'état. The Allied Forces finally found the submarine, the Dragonet-class submarine Fensalir, when they received reports that allied ships were attacked by an unknown ship near the Seals Bridge Ravine. The destruction of this submarine was important, as it was able to launch ballistic missiles.[2]


At 0200 hrs, Phoenix entered the ravine and began moving towards the submarine. However, the ravine was protected by a network of SAMs that would shoot him down if he flew above 1000 meters. In addition, the ravine was narrow at points and it was defended by rebel forces. Despite these difficulties, Phoenix was able to reach the end of the ravine and destroy the Fensalir.[2]


With the destruction of the Fensalir, the area around the Seals Bridge Ravine was now safe for the Allied Forces. In addition, the threat of the rebels carrying out ballistic missile attacks on cities had passed.[2]