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"Did you know that 90% of our operational forces are out on the battlefield?"
Freddie Durand[1]
"I love it, it's the bet of a lifetime."
Daniel Pollini[1]

The battle of Sipli Field was the first successful Emmerian counter-offensive operation during the Emmeria-Estovakia War.[1]


After the unsuccessful Estovakian bombing of Vitoze, the Emmerian military began planning their counter-offensive to retake Khesed Island. Considering that the enemy's airborne forces around the Vitoze perimeter were weakened, it was a prime opportunity to stage a counter-attack.[1]

The Sipli Field offensive consisted of three operations. Operation A involved the Warlock Separate Battalion attacking the majority of the Estovakian frontline forces. Operation B had Quox Armored Battalion engaging Estovakian tanks and helicopters. Operation C saw Steel Gunners Battalion taking a small part of the city and its power facilities.[1]


On November 27, 2015, the Joint Chiefs of Staff gave the green light for an invasion of Sipli Field. The Emmerians attacked their designated targets with support from multiple Republic of Emmeria Air Force squadrons, Garuda Team among them. Once the Estovakian forces were drastically weakened, the Estovakians moved all of their forces into the center of Misko for a final defense. With one final push, the Emmerians defeated the last of the Estovakians in Sipli Field.[1]


Thanks to the victory in Sipli, the Emmerians managed to drive the Estovakians off to Mount Marcello, located at the center of Khesed Island.[1]