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The Battle of Terminus Island was a battle of the Aurelian War where Gryphus One supported the Naiad, a submarine that was preparing to rescue an Aurelian scientist. [1]


After the Davis Unit was saved from destruction at Stand Canyon, Aurelian Intelligence discovered that a scientist was held captive at Terminus Island. [1]


While the Naiad began to recover the scientist, Gryphus One provided air support to the Naiad and an Aurelian fleet that was carrying out a diversionary operation. After a while, two anti-submarine aircraft appeared at the local airspace. Fearing that the Naiad would be spotted, Gryphus One quickly dispatched them.

As the Naiad was making a return trip, she hit a mine and lost her driving control system and rudder, which resulted in the submarine travelling towards an iceberg. With Gryphus One's help, the iceberg was destroyed, along with the enemy fighters sent to destroy the submarine. [1]


After the scientist was rescued, the Naiad's recon data was used to find a way to weaken the Gleipnir's stealth. [1]