The Battle of Waldreich was a ground battle fought between the Allied Forces and Belka in Sudentor during the Belkan War. It was the final official ground battle of the war before Belka's nuclear attack prompted a cease-fire.


Following Ustio's liberation in May 1995, the Allied Forces began invading Belkan territory. South Belkan cities surrendered to the Allied Forces and the Belkan troops in those areas began retreating to the north. Sudentor, situated within the Waldreich Mountains, was the final city in the Allies' path before entering north Belka.


Belka had sent most of their ground troops to defend the southern cities. Even though they were retreating, they were slowed by Waldreich's terrain. As a result, Sudentor was defended by only three Belkan Army regiments. On June 5, the Allied Forces took advantage of this and began a large ground offensive on the city.[1]

The Allies quickly realized that despite the fewer numbers, the Belkans in Sudentor were heavily outfitted. Fighting in the city lasted at least a day. The Allies called for air support from Galm Team and Crow Team. However, Galm and Crow were redirected when they encountered a Belkan bomber squadron supposedly equipped with nuclear weapons. They shot them all down, but seven nuclear devices detonated regardless throughout the mountain range.[2]

The nuclear attack disrupted communications throughout the entire area.[2][1] The Allies' ground forces in Sudentor were left in confusion. The retreating Belkans arrived at the city, joining up with the forces inside the city and launching an attack on both sides of the Allies. After a long and bloody battle, both sides agreed to a cease-fire, ending the battle.[1]


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