This article is about an in-universe event. For the in-game mission, see Red and Black - Alpha.

The Battle of the Izu Islands was an assault on the Izu Islands by the Valahia.[1]


More than a week after the attack on Tokyo, Martinez Security received word that the Valahia were beginning another attack on Tokyo from the north and the south. At the request of the Seventh Fleet, Martinez Security would support the Japan Self-Defense Forces in defending Japan and join the JSDF operation in the south to hold off Valahia. [2] [1]


Antares One and Rigel Squadron received orders to provide backup for Clover Squadron. After fierce fighting, the airspace over the Niijima of the Izu Islands was soon cleared of Valahia forces.[1]


Even though all Valahia forces in the Niijima area of the Izu Islands were destroyed, Valahia forces were able to break through in other sectors; as a result, Martinez Security began to move to defend Tokyo.[1]


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