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The Battle of the Kalana Steppes was a battle of the Aurelian War where Gryphus Squadron destroyed Leasath forces at the Kalana Steppes. [1]


After the destruction of the Gleipnir at Santa Elva and the subsequent recapture of the city, Aurelian intelligence discovered that remnant Leasathian forces were regrouping at the Kalana Steppes. In addition, they were also preparing to receive reinforcements and supplies from Sachana Air Base. [1]


After their arrival on the battlefield, Gryphus Squadron carried out a series of air strikes against the enemy forces. Reinforcements from Sachana Air Base arrived to support the remaining forces, but they were soon destroyed as well. [1]


With the destruction of the forces at the Kalana Steppes, Santa Elva would be safe for the rest of the war.[1] In addition, the Skylla Unit abandoned Sachana Air Base to protect the Nevera Jammer.[2]


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